Project Management Products

This page displays online learning products, in different formats, that are related to the topic of Project Management.

  • Project Management Processes and Tools

    Includes Credits

    The objective of any project management system is timely and cost-efficient completion that attains the project goals. It involves defining goals, creating processes to meet the goals, creating benchmarks, maintaining a schedule, containing costs and measuring the outcome. Learn how an efficient project management system works and how it is especially critical to a project that is seeking certification to a green building program. This module is part of the Advanced High Performance Building: Project Management course.

  • Incorporating High Performance Practices into Project Management – Parts A and B

    Includes Credits

    Numerous green building certification tools and processes help a project manager select and enforce green practices. The key is understanding how they can be used as planning tools and checklists as well. Project managers can use the ICC/ASHRAE 700-2015 National Green Building Standard® (NGBS) to provide the definition of quality for use throughout the project to meet the client’s goals and attain certification. This module is part of the Advanced High Performance Building: Project Management course.

  • Advanced High Performance Building: Project Management

    Includes Credits

    Boost production efficiency and customer satisfaction by learning how to integrate high performance practices and certifications (National Green Building Standard, LEED, etc.) into a streamlined project management process. Combining Project Management Institute concepts with the whole‐house approach to building, this course identifies important systems, documents and communication strategies. It is highly recommended that the High Performance for Building Professionals course be taken prior to this, or that an attendee has a basic understanding of green certification programs and how they work. This course can be taken in its entirety or you may choose to take one to four different modules focused on a specific high performance topic. Please note: If you experience any issues with Adobe Flash when accessing the on-demand course or module, please try the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.