On-Demand Modules

Below is a list of currently available on demand modules. Select the module to see more information and to register. The modules can be used for your professional development and continuing education. 

  • There is a growing demand for sustainably-built homes, also called green homes. With a wide array of sustainable building options, perception of green practices can vary among builders and remodelers and their clients. In this on-demand module, builders and remodelers will learn how to define their markets, determine their product readiness and approach, and communicate their own story to achieve success in marketing high performance homes. The level of content in this module is for the novice learner.

  • Water shortages in the southwest and other arid regions have led to specific regulations for home builders and owners, and water quality in other regions is a driver of waste management and water usage rules. This module from NAHB will examine the current impact of hydrologic management on home building and explore strategies -- from the macro level to the individual home -- for site design, plumbing fixture selection, and rain water collection. The level of content in this module is for the novice learner.

  • Green remodeling presents opportunities to raise the performance standards for existing homes. But working with existing structures also presents a set of unique challenges.  The unintended consequences of poor planning and a lack of understanding of building science can have dire effects. For example, as code requirements for insulation and tighter envelopes increase, a good understanding of moisture management is imperative. This on-demand module will present several scenarios with different pathways for improvements and explore both the positive and negative results of decisions made during the remodel.