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  • High Performance Marketing: Positioning Yourself for Success

    Includes Credits

    There is a growing demand for sustainably-built homes, also called green homes. With a wide array of sustainable building options, perception of green practices can vary among builders and remodelers and their clients. In this on-demand module, builders and remodelers will learn how to define their markets, determine their product readiness and approach, and communicate their own story to achieve success in marketing high performance homes. The level of content in this module is for the novice learner.

  • Marketing Green and High Performance Projects

    Includes Credits

    There are many consumers of high performance and many shades to their green preferences. There are also as many sustainability and green marketing messages that are missing their mark; some even over promise what can be delivered. Your challenge is to match the marketing message to your targeted buyers’ shade of green and have it stand out. This module covers important aspects of marketing green and high performance projects including tailoring marketing activities to successfully attract targeted clients, using tactics that successfully and responsibly sell a green and high performance product and aligning aspects of your company with its sustainability and green commitment to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. It is also part of the High Performance Building for Building Professionals course. The level of content in this on-demand module is for the novice learner. Please note: If you experience any issues with Adobe Flash when accessing the on-demand course or module, please try the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

  • House Construction as a Selling Tool

    Includes Credits

    This on-demand course is designed to help building industry professionals more thoroughly understand the entire building process and to better present the benefits of the builder’s construction to potential buyers, while working as a unified team with the construction side of the operation. The primary audience for this course is sales staff and real estate agents representing builders as well as small builders, custom builders and remodelers. It is also intended for the professional who is new to the construction industry, those who want to expand their knowledge base, and anyone who fields homebuyer questions about the building process. The level of content in this on-demand course is for the novice learner.